Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello again,
The last time I wrote I think I was still working in publishing, and trying to get an interview at Conde Nast.  Since then? I've changed directions quite a bit.  I have applied to and attended medical school.  I just finished my basic sciences, and at the end of this week am moving to Chicago to start my clinical rotations, and prepare for my boards.  It's been a weird few years, but I was recently asked to provide a website on my resume, and I think FaceBook should be private, so here we are.  I might have to edit some of my earlier posts depending on what residency programs I apply to, but I still think they are funny and convey my waning personality, so for now they stay.  This post I just want to get something up that's current and use this as kind of a journal/update page to mark my big accomplishments.  I generally don't love it when other people tell me about their accomplishments, and well, who'd read it if that's all there was, so I'm going to try my best to find the best way to deal with that issue, but not tonight.  Tonight is just to check in, restart, and say hello.  See you soon!!